Carlos Alba

Carlos Alba

born in Madrid (ES), 1984
lives in United Kingdom

Carlos Alba is an independent visual artist based in London, United Kingdom. He is a regular contributor of weekly and monthly magazines. His work is focused on human relations in the modern world. His photographs have a conceptual approach and they reflect contemporary social issues from a positive point of view. His tools are objects and archives, that help him to find the photographs that he wants to take. He has been recently finalist of Grand Prix Fotofestiwal and one of the winners of Flash Forwards UK Magenta Foundation.

The Observation of Trifles

text by Andrea Laudisa

Il progetto di Carlos Alba si compone di una sequenza di immagini in dittico che narrano storie accidentali costruite attraverso lo scorrere irregolare della casualità, dittici che in un flusso di coscienza joyciano associano il ritrovamento di oggetti a volti e scorci incontrati per strada. Gli oggetti divengono quindi luogo di sedimentazione e stratificazione e guidano l’artista alla scoperta di forme nuove di comprensione del vissuto quotidiano. Ciò che ne viene fuori è un racconto per libere associazioni che restituisce allo spettatore la sensazione che anche nello smarrimento tutto sia in perfetto ordine.

Call for Projects 2016
Manifatture Knos

Carlos Alba’s project is composed by a sequence of images combined in diptychs which tell accidental stories built through the irregular flow of casualty; diptychs which, in a Joycean flow of consciousness, associate the recovery of things to faces and glimpses that one can find on the road. This way, things become place of settling and stratification, thus leading the artist to discover new kinds of everyday life’s understanding. This creates a story through free associations, which makes the onlooker feel like everything is in perfect order even in bewilderment.





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