Maria Sturm & Cemre Yeşil

Maria Sturm

born in Ploiesti (RO), 1985
lives in Germany

Maria received her diploma in Photography and Media from University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld in 2012. Maria has won several prizes including the New York Photo Award 2012 and the DOCfeld Dummy Award Barcelona 2015 with the work “Be Good”. Next to working on personal projects and commissions Maria also worked as a freelance producer for Vice Germany in 2015. She’s currently doing an MFA in Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design and therefore received a Fulbright and a DAAD scholarship, as well as a RISD Fellowship, a Graduate Division Fellowship and a GS grant.

Cemre Yeşil

Turkish photographer based in Istanbul and London. Her BA is in Photography and she holds an MA in Visual Arts from Sabanci University. She is a current practice-based PhD student in London College of Communication. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally. She was nominated for the Paul Huf Award 2014 of Amsterdam Photography Museum FOAM. A selection from her “An/other” series is in Istanbul Modern Museum’s photography collection. Apart from her personal projects, she lectures in Istanbul Bilgi University and Koç University. She is the founder of FiLBooks, a space dedicated to photo books, artist talks and workshops in Karaköy, Istanbul. Cemre is represented by Daire Gallery in Istanbul.

For Birds’ Sake

text by Elena Carluccio

Questa è una storia d’amore ambientata ad Instanbul tra due giovani donne e degli uomini gentili che profumano di tè verde, fuggiti dalle loro vite per tutta la vita. La cosmopolita capitale turca è da sempre interessata a ricevere grosse migrazioni di uccelli che vengono accuditi in alcuni centri specializzati, attraverso impegnative attenzioni giornaliere che oggi rischiano di essere smantellati. Questi uomini costruiscono gabbie, curano gli alberi su cui cresceranno i nidi, registrano i cinguettii dei cardellini e li allevano, notte e giorno, con un misto di meditazione e dipendenza. La collaborazione di Sturm e Yesil accarezza le debolezze e la forza di questi “birdmen”, studiando con discrezione questo legame misterioso e magico, quest’amore intriso di libertà e di voglia di evasione. Gli uccelli non sono presenti nelle fotografie, ma si avverte il loro canto che al buio è ancora più dolce.

Outdoor installation
Piazza S. Oronzo

This is a love story, set in Istanbul, between two young women and some polite men who smell of green tea and who had escaped from their lives forever. The cosmopolitan Turkish capital has always been an important destination of great bird migrations. These birds are taken in care in many specialized centers through daily demanding treatments, but nowadays these centers are running the risk of being dismantled. These men build cages, take care about trees where nests will grow up, record goldfinches’ twitters and breed them night and day with cogitation and dependency. Sturm and Yesil’s partnership entertains the weaknesses and strengths of these “birdmen”, discreetly studying this love which is imbued both with freedom and longing for escape. Birds are not taken in photos but you can feel their singing which is much sweeter in the dark.




2015-10-02 17.48.52